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Choker is the latest jewellery trend on the market.  We hold a variety of chokers such as choker silver, gold, black heart, red heart and navy oval.

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All about chokers

the love for chokers predates long ago in history. In the 1798 chokers gained popularity as a cultural wear. The love for chokers was ripe even back to the French revolution where ladies used to wear red ribbon. Since old time choker has been associated with class. In the years 1880s for instance, choker was won by queens. In the present years, chokers have gained even more popularity among ladies. One can notice a big comeback of this piece of jeweler in London fashion week. This is no coincidence at all. Chokers have the ability to turn a simple look to a classy look. Moreover chokers are one of the versatile pieces one can ever have. It fits perfectly with almost anything.

If you have a choker from old years, that had the tattoo version, it is time to bring it out. Bette still purchase a new one piece that is even more eye- catching. One new trend in chokers in the 20’s is the gothic choker. Gothic chokers have one thing in common. That is they are made from some soft cloth materials such as satin and velvet. 

A velvet choker is made by weaving a velvet ribbon on a loom. The loom may be industrially made unlike in past years when it had to be manually made. Once you have the velvet ribbon mark at the center in case you need to place a pendant. To ensure maximum comfort a velvet choker is made with adjustable clasps on one end of the ribbon and the other end. It can thus be adjusted accordingly by the wearer. Regular opening and closing devices as found in necklaces or have the more sophisticated rings. 

Alternatively a velvet choker may be simply made by using a ribbon on the inside that is held together by a marking tape. The first step in making this type of velvet choker is cut the velvet material to the desired length. Next, take a piece or ribbon and measure it against the velvet cloth. Be sure to have it one inch or one inch lesser in length on each end to the velvet piece. Using the marking tape, attach the ribbon to the velvet on the inside. Fold the velvet partly to cover the ribbon but sure to leave a desirable width of the velvet. To the two ends of the velvet, use snap buttons or velaro as opening and closing device. Velvet choker may be designed using one strand on have double strands. 

Choker Material

The velvet material is particularly a favorite among ladies for many reasons. The fist reason must be with regard to the comfort. A choker, being a jewelry that is won very closely on the neck, is best when the material is smooth and soft such as the velvet ribbon. Chokers are ideally meant to be tightly fitting around the neck but must be comfortable at the same time. 

In addition the piece is trendy when worn with a variety of outfits. Particularly, It perfectly complements an off shoulder top. The rule is that it is not appropriate to accessorize with a high neck outfit. This is for the simple reason that the neck area will seem all busy and clumsy. The black velvet choker is particularly ideal an accessory for black official attire. To bring glam to the look though select a piece with say a gold vintage or crystal strand. 

Velvet chokers may be made plain or designed with additional attachments such as pendants of gold or and pearls. Gothic chokers are somewhat unappealing if made plain. A velvet choker with a pearl pendant in this regard an admirable piece among lades for the reason that pearl is used. A pearl attachment enhances the classy look and bright up the look. Plain black velvet for instance may look all dull, until a pearl attachment is added. Natural pearls are generally costly; however there are cheaper options of pearl such as the cultured pears. Better still the faux pearls are even more affordable. All the three types of pearls are generally glamorous. 

Other additions trendy with velvet choker are crystal strands. Crystals made be the Swarovski type, the dark or the clear type. Crystals are highly transparent pieces whose glam making them noticeable from a far. 

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